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I racing? - Simon Merritt - 01-08-2019

I'm concidering trying I racing but the price is making me a bit reluctant. Has anybody got recent experience with it? If so is the racing and realism as good as they make out? I really enjoy assetto Corsa and SRS the racing on the whole is great. So I guess is iracing worth trying?

RE: I racing? - Ilya Krivokhizhin - 01-09-2019

HI Simon. I've recently tried iRacing and I have to say it does have a lot in common with SRS: the core experience for me was pretty much the same.

Starting in Rookie class I won my first Mazda MX-5 race but then very quickly faced much tougher competition even among Rookies, so I would say that iRacing is generally more difficult and also cleaner as people pay a lot of money for the service.

But even if sometimes on SRS you get punted you still get that in iRacing too. Also there are a lot of insanely fast guys here as well so in my opinion SRS's level of competition and etiquette is really enough for me not to renew my iRacing subscription.

Also I have no idea how to really set up a car and that makes quite the difference in iRacing.

iRacing physics also have a lot in common with AC except iRacing is a lot more unforgiving (harder to catch a slide) so you basically cannot enter a race without a lot of practice. Long story short - iRacing is a bit too serious for me and is very overpriced. This makes SRS my choice without any regret.

RE: I racing? - Simon Merritt - 01-09-2019

Thanks for the detailed reply.

RE: I racing? - Kris Gaastra - 01-10-2019

I read that you can get iRacing for 15$ for 3 months atm. So maybe check it out.
But after that better break your piggy bank. You pay for every track and every car.

RE: I racing? - László Nagy - 01-16-2019

Personally i don't like Iracing 's car list...
Ac (and Srs) is much better in this area ..i love classic cars without Electronics, with H shifter etc. 
There are some classic cars in Iracing too but these seies are dead...
Gt3 and Imsa is boring for me,, so I sold my account Smile

RE: I racing? - Jim C Russell - 01-21-2019

Iracing is the most fun ever!  Please spend all your time (and money) there, that way I won’t have to get out of your way ever again...please, ‘k,  Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin