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Server not response - Gorka Lucena - 05-31-2018

With the new update(today update)  I can't entry in the rooms. It's normal?? Anymore with this problem?

RE: Server not response - Maciek Sobczak - 05-31-2018

Got the same "Server not responded" message today while entering NSU TTS race @ 16 GMT. Race is not listed in the results either, so maybe all other registered users got this.

RE: Server not response - Chris Knatz - 05-31-2018

Can't enter Wtcc 2017 Zolder. The same error can't connect to the server. Huh Huh

RE: Server not response - Valentino Bivacqua - 05-31-2018

me too

RE: Server not response - simracingsystem - 05-31-2018

should work now.

RE: Server not response - Carlos Barros - 06-01-2018

Same problem here. No response from server, since yesterday. Tried 3 times on the procar series. Thanks for checking this if you can.

RE: Server not response - Alvio Lampis - 06-04-2018

When it happens to me, i usually restart Steam... it seems like working 8)

RE: Server not response - Pedro Ramos - 06-22-2018

I have the same problem, since update. Yesterday was my last attempt

RE: Server not response - Mario Vaccaro - 07-04-2018

problema errore al server codice (2108) raceroom non parte, qualcuno può aiutarmi grazie