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Hello from Malaysia! - Wei Kit Won - 03-25-2018

Hi everybody!

I found out about SRS from Jimmy and Gamer Muscle, great personalities them! 

I have a stable Internet here, but the ping is still going to be high around 230-ish for me (SRS server 1 in Assetto Corsa) , although I did played on el Bandito's Nordschleife track day many times and it was fine, so hopefully it would reflect to this case.

See you guys on the track!

RE: Hello from Malaysia! - Russell Sobie - 03-25-2018

I typically race on EU servers from central US and get between 150 and 230 pings, and so far I haven't had any problems. You should be fine, so long as it is stable. Welcome!

RE: Hello from Malaysia! - Neil de Guzman - 03-27-2018

Too close but still far away! I see very few asians here. Welcome! Ping should be a none issue. I have raced here for quite a few times already and no issues whatsoever. My connection also has around 200 to 230 ping. I have 20 Megabit connection and I am from Taiwan. It's not the fastest but stable is your friend. There's was quite a few times when I needed to race hard side by side with other cars, here and in iRacing. So far no problems, hope you enjoy the races here! Cheers!