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Ginetta GT4 Skin Names - Tobias Puell - 11-29-2017

Hi Racers,

i've got a problem:

I created a Ginetta skin for me and my teammate, all car skin files are named correctly and work fine.

The only thing i can't manage is, that we have our own driver gloves, helmets&suits and crew helmets&suits.

I painted the gloves, helmets and the suits but i have no idea how to name them, that our cars always use these files.

On way would be to copy the files into "assettocorsa\content\texture..." and name them in the skin.ini but then the other drivers and also SRS-TV need these folders and files.

Is it possible to get them working in the main skin folder of our skins?

Thx for your help!

RE: Ginetta GT4 Skin Names - Tobias Puell - 11-29-2017 

Works! Wink

RE: Ginetta GT4 Skin Names - João Dias - 12-09-2017


I might feel like a tailor and try to do some clothing later!