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The Sim Racing System was designed to allow simracers, from all across the globe, to enjoy some of their favourite sims on a regular basis.

Supported Titles
assetto Corsa logo rfactor 2 logo automobilista logo

some older titles are supported as well, but shall only be used if there is a good amount of users

gsce logo nkpro logo arca logo rfactor logo
Both Steam and non-Steam versions are supported

  1. You must own a valid license of at least one of the supported titles;
    Seasons may run only on some of the titles supported.
  2. Valid account at Sim Racing System's website;
    Your username must contain your first and last names. If it is already taken, add a middle name or initial.
    Your sim profiles will have to match your username on the Sim Racing System's website, change or create new sim profiles.

  3. Install the APP for the sim(s) you intend to use.
    Run the client, select the sims you wish to use and point to the files mentioned on the dialogs.

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